The term Private Investment Banking is often misunderstood.

It most properly refers to firms that focus on the capital needs (debt and equity) of companies, creating value for all respective parties to a transaction – sellers, buyers, shareholders, investors, and lenders. 

Private Investment Bankers advise on and facilitate mergers and acquisitions, tender offers, financial restructurings, asset sales, full or partial divestitures, corporate reorganizations, business combination transactions,  and other types of similar or related financial transactions. However, they do not involve themselves with development-stage or pre-revenue companies.

RWI prides itself on assisting clients in defining and successfully executing corporate strategies in a manner which best reflects and achieves the objectives of the business and its shareholders. The client relationships RWI developes are ones of absolute partnership, shepherding transactions through to their successful completion. Our solutions-oriented, team-based approach, compels quality and integrity in the development and execution of client transactions.

As a private firm, we understand and appreciate the challenges facing closely-held companies  in their efforts to sustain and grow their business, manage through challenging economic times, raising needed capital, provide an acceptable return to shareholders, and ultimately, transition ownership.